Thesis: Sign & Symptoms for Leukemia

Sample Thesis Paper

Signs and symptoms for leukemia are divided according to the subcategories.
In ALL the patient will experience symptoms related to a deficiency in the blood clotting process. He will have symptoms of bleeding gums, be easily bruised, nosebleeds, menstrual irregularities, paleness due to excessive or prolonged blood loss and petechiae on the skin. There may also be fever, fatigue, joint or bone pain or tenderness with unintentional weight loss. There may also be palpitations, shortness of breath and swollen glands and gums (Medline Plus, 2009).
In AML the child will experience the same bleeding symptoms as in ALL. There will also be the same fever, fatigue and bone pain symptoms with associated weight loss. There will also be skin rashes or lesions. Swollen gums are rare in AML (Medline Plus, 2008).
In CML there may be no symptoms for months or years. It goes through three stages Chronic, accelerated and blast crisis. The chronic stage is symptomless and is only detected by blood draws. In the accelerated phase there may be low grade fever, fatigue, bone pain and pressure under the left ribs from a swollen spleen. In the blast crisis there may be bleeding or infection due to bone marrow failure which can be characterized by bruising, bleeding and appearance of petechiae on the skin (Medline Plus, 2009).

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