Thesis: Significance of Value Chain Management

Sample Thesis Paper

Organizations are trying to get closer to their customers and every organization loves to manage their customer in an effective and an efficient way. Organizations must analyze their internal and external stakeholders because they play an important role in the development of every organization. Value chain management is the right choice for every organization because it adds value in every process and the organization gains a competitive advantage through value chain. Value chain management allows the organization to collaborate with other chain members and coloration with suppliers ensures a robust process. The organization that implements value chain management can solve different queries of suppliers and other channel members by horizontally or vertically integrating the supply chain. If an organization is a selling organization then value chain management allows them enhance customer relationship. Similarly, value chain management ensures productivity, on time deliveries and cycle time reductions. Other attributes of value chain includes the transparent transfer of real time market forecasts and sales data among all the channel members.

Organizations must identify that there is a difference between supply chain management and value chain management. The supply chain model focuses on activities in getting raw materials to the end user. However, a value chain management model is considered to have a different focus and it has a larger scope. The main goal of the value chain management is to deliver the product or service to the end customer in an effective and an efficient way and at a low cost with emphasis on adding value at every step.

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