Thesis: Significance of Customer Satisfaction

Sample Thesis Paper

Customer satisfaction is based on various variables such as prices, lead time, meeting customer demands, reliability, accessibility, convenience and trustworthiness. These variables are usually linked with the product and brand of the organisation and can be controlled by the organisation. The most important factor linked with customer satisfaction is the perception of the customers. This perception is usually based on the company’s overall image, product image, the response and treatment a customer gets from employees of an organisation (Cochran 2003).

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important objectives of an organisation especially when it is service oriented. Highly satisfied customers are an important asset of the organisation as they are an important source of marketing and increasing the volume of sales of a company. Companies have realised that retaining existing customers is easier and cheaper than to focus on attracting new customers and that “there is a strong link between customer satisfaction, customer retention and profitability” (Hill and Alexander 2006 p.1).

Although customer satisfaction is quite difficult to measure but the profitability of an organisation is highly dependent on the level of satisfaction of its customers. Customer satisfaction as mentioned earlier can be achieved through various tools and techniques such as pricing, time between ordering and receiving products and overall product image. An article on customer loyalty and satisfaction suggests that customer loyalty and eventually customer satisfaction can be increased by decreasing the waiting time between ordering and receiving products. It was also noted that customers who have to wait for longer periods of time for their orders to arrive become easily dissatisfied (Miles 2008).

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