Thesis: Significance of the Modern Day Value Chain Management

Sample Thesis Paper

When implementing value chain management, it is important to realize the purpose behind the implementation of the concept. Initial application of value chain management saw the concept being subjected to a perception which focused on increasing production figures and increasing tangible output (Antoniou, Levitt, & Schreihans, 2009). However, as the understanding of value chain management evolved, it became clearer that the purpose is to add value to the finished product through every stage of the production process until the end-user is comfortable with the product. Hence, the essence of value chain management is to consider the customer through a proactive perception rather than through a reactive approach.

The 21st century consumer is highly sophisticated and far more educated about his/her options than the 20th century consumer (Antoniou, Levitt, & Schreihans, 2009). The modern day customer recognizes how markets and companies function and what the value of the customer is in this equation. In this regard, it becomes imperative for organizations to take on an even more thorough analysis of their own value chains in order to ensure that the consumers find no shortfalls in the end product.

“In other words, the traditional value chain tends to be seen as a synchronization of a demand chain with the supply chain, leaving unaddressed the metaphysical sense of value associated with benefits that occur at various exchange points” (Antoniou, Levitt, & Schreihans, 2009).

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