Thesis: Significance of Segmentation in Brand Management

Sample Thesis Paper

Before the ultimate launch of the brand into the market, a thorough study of consumers must be conducted at large. It is through this analysis and consumer segmentation, that consumers are targeted according to their needs and demands. The brand is then customized according to the target customer (Kuusik 2007). Customer Segmentation to clarify in nonprofessional terms would mean to divide the consumer population into categories according to their levels of demand and satisfaction, once this is done, it is easier to launch the brand wherever the demand rate is the highest and there are more chances of gaining costumer attention, satisfaction and ultimately customer loyalty (Kuusik 2007). Therefore, this analysis leads to the task of ensuring loyal client before the brand is even launched and acclaimed.

Geographic location plays a very important role in making the brand available to consumers everywhere. How can a brand achieve customer loyalty when it is not available? If the brand is not present at a centralized location, there may be chances that distribution encounters obstacles in the path to success.

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