Thesis: Significance of Team Building

Sample Thesis Paper

It is evident that modern day organizations are functioning in a manner wherein they have reinvented the purpose and meaning of centralization and decentralization activities. As a result of this change, employees are becoming vital constituents of the equation that determines the value of the end product in the consumers’ perception.

This change can be summed up in the statement: “The boundaries that have traditionally defined organizations will continue to blur as a result of new organizational forms and leadership methods and demands. The lines between functions and even between organizations will continue to become less rigid in the drive to be more customer focused, to decrease response and work process cycle times, and improve competitive advantage” (Sims, 1998, p. 2).

It is evident from the above statement that no part or function of the organization is outside the perimeter of change. Almost every function of the organization has experienced a revolutionary transformation in its context (Higgs, 1996). As a result of this changing context, it has become necessary for employees to be integrated in a manner so that their adaption to changing times does not cause a compromise in the quality of their output. Needless to highlight, the vitality that employees hold for an organization has reached a level where it was never present before. Even the most ominous of developments have served to bring about changes that can be justly regarded to be of the catalyst kind in nature.

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