Thesis: Signs of Corruption in Enron

Sample Thesis Paper

Enron was an Energy solutions company that was based in Texas. It was not a modern day enterprise, but a company whose roots went back to as early as 1932. The company slowly but steadily developed and came to a point where it was a celebrity of sorts in the corporate world with a work force of tens of thousands of employees. It became the leader in electricity, natural gas, paper and communications solutions. By 2001, Enron was reporting profits of over a hundred billion dollars and was named America’s most innovative company by Fortune for over five years in a row. However, this was the point where the infamous Enron Scandal came forth as one of the biggest breaches of business ethics in the corporate world.

It was at the end of 2001 that signs of corruption were uncovered in the Enron business framework. Facts unearthed indicated that the apparent economic stability that the company was quoting in its press releases for quite some time now had been generated by using accounting fraud techniques and were in fact fueled by channeling of finances from sources where the code of ethics did not give it permission to do so from. What followed was a chain of events in which Enron filed for Bankruptcy Protection in the southern district of New York in 2001 and collateral damage in the form of losses to several people and firms. This damage was of such a high extent that many of the several law suits that Enron was bombarded with were settled by Enron directors by paying money from their personal means.

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