Thesis: Size And Number Of Debenhams Stores

Sample Thesis Paper

Another factor that Debenhams chooses to lay great stress upon is the very magnitude of the size of its departmental stores. Debenhams current operational operating area comprises of over ten million square feet when the combined Debenhams Empire of United Kingdom and Ireland is considered.

Table B3

v  Increase in Trading Space over the last few years

Year Trading Space (Million sq. ft.)
2006 9.5
2007 10.3
2008 10.7

Table B3 shows how the Trading Space for Debenhams has increased steadily over the last few years and still continues to increase. In 2006, the total operational trading space for Debenhams was only 9.5 million square feet, which grew steadily through 2007 until it reached its current standing at over 10.5 million square feet. Debenhams stores can therefore be labeled as spacious and comforting for their consumers with the vast array of commodities that Debenhams offers with its trademark balance of price and quality. This is not merely a characteristic of Debenhams that was observed during the on-sight visit that was made to one of Debenhams stores for the purpose of this research study but can also be observed to be one of Debenhams guiding principles as per the Debenhams 2008 Annual Report and Accounts and is quoted in the coming paragraphs of this chapter (Debenhams 2008).

This year, Debenhams plans on opening six further stores which are expected to cover a total area of over 354000 square feet collectively. Debenhams has quite a number of new store openings planned out in the coming years and the highest volume is that of the present year. A brief representation of these projections as per the Debenhams 2008 Annual Report and Accounts (Debenhams 2008) can be seen in Table B4.

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