Thesis: Smuggling of Heroin

Sample Thesis Paper

Like the production and sale of Heroin in the United States, the smuggling of Heroin has also evolved over the years. Particularly since Heroin from South East Asia and Afghanistan has made its way to the United States and is currently competing with Heroin from Mexico in terms of purity and customers. Initially the smuggling of Heroin into the United States was done in a variety of manners. Diplomat may smuggle several kilos of Heroin without any repercussions. There was also a report in 1989 which showed officials seizing 800 pounds of heroin then considered to the largest seizure in United States history from hollowed out rubber wheels which were being imported to the United States (Chicago Tribune ).

Today however, the smuggling of drugs has become quite more sophisticated since smugglers employ the use of live individuals which are known as Body packers. Body packers are individuals who ingest or place certain quantities of Heroin or other drugs into their orifices. The drug packets may be in their gastro intestinal tract or in their anus. A research study was conducted into the deaths of 10 such packers, one of whom was a woman from Columbia. The study found that one of the victims died when the packet burst inside his stomach. They also found that the quantity of Heroin carried was above 800grams and had a purity level of 65 to 73% (Wetli, Rao and Rao). There have also been reports of children as young as fifteen and sixteen years of age being used in this trade. Normally individuals enter into such dangerous contracts due to the lucrative rewards for Heroin smuggling. The danger of course being that these packets can rupture and can cause overdoses or even infections in the individuals carrying them.

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