Thesis: Social Bond Theory

Sample Thesis Paper

The boy was in a position in his life where he had the responsibility of his sick mother and while the boy was not of an age that justified the position, the responsibility of taking care of his sick mother was one that he could not escape no matter what or how he tried. Having lost all desire to live his life for his own being and making choices for his own self, the boy had entered a perilous level of inferiority complex where he did not choose to engage in any activity whatsoever that could help him to actually develop himself.

It can therefore be justified that his actions were ones that were based on decisions made on the spur of the moment and for the spur of the moment without having given relevance to any long term consequences.

In terms of the understanding of this incident in light of the Social Bond Theory (Kendall, 2008), it is apparent that in the perspective of attachment, the subject is extremely attached to the mother and has taken on a commitment that had induced the individual’s involvement in the scenario in which he is present. While the Social Bond Theory perceives commitment as an element that relates the subject to adherence to law and regulations, it is evident that in the case of this boy, adherence to family protection and upkeep norms appear to be of primary relevance. In this perspective, the case of the boy comes forth as a highly unique application of the Social Bond Theory in which the outcome is far from deterrence but lies in the extensive opposite.

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