Thesis: Social Conflict Theory

Sample Thesis Paper

Durkheim is a functionalist as a sociologist while Marx is a conflict theorist. Durkheim looks at society as a system in terms of the constituents that it holds and the approach with which they contribute to the sustenance of the social system. In terms of Marx however, it is inequality and conflict that serve to bring about social change (Eagly, Baron, Hamilton, Hamilton, & Kelman, 2004).

The system remains complex just as it was in Durkheim’s interpretation, but the role and causes of the eventualities change. In doing so, Marx tries to reduce the foundation and impacts of social inequality. Marx’s theories appear to make use of the Social Conflict Theory in their origination.  Marx presents the vision of a society in which the system of class does not prevail for it is given no regard to begin with. In order to so, Marx makes use of dialectical materialism. It is clear to see from Marx’s point of view that Marx believes in the union of sorts between the middle class to all the social segmentations that spanned right up till the upper class (Kolakowski, 2007).

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