Thesis: Is Social Darwinism Dead

Sample Thesis Paper

When we refer to Social Darwinism we of course mean the concept of competition between all individuals, groups, ideas and nations which is the driving force behind social evolution in the social structure of today’s societies (Johnson, 2008). This topic will attempt to answer whether Social Darwinism is dead.

Viewing the state of the economy and the use of business practices today we find that the conceptual use of social Darwinism is a bastardization of the original ideas put forth. Today’s business environment is more concerned with the pursuit of profits and economic incentives of its C.E.O’s rather than the interests of the general public or even its shareholders. In pursuit of this mirage that they have created for themselves they have forgotten about the importance of the long term survival of their company and its employees. They have adopted unscrupulous business practices that give them illusionary profits in an ever expanding market. Now that the bubble has burst they want the Government to bail them out. I believe however that despite continuing bailouts by the current Obama administration the viewpoints and practices held by these companies will not only remain unchanged, they will continue to grow in the future.

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