Thesis: Social Democratic Party

Sample Thesis Paper

One of the most active parties at the time was the Social Democratic Party. It was the only party at the time to demand a republican reform of the government and had tremendous support from the populace. The SDP was also considered to be a supporter of the international labour movement and thus had influence and ties to labor unions in general. It was around this time that several European countries became embroiled in an arms race which came to a head when Germany declared war on Russia on August 1st, 1914 at the start of the First World War there was much support from the public to this decision. The SDP at the time however had differing views among its administrative members about the war however despite its reservations decided to support the government. The free unions during this time also agreed not to revolt or to demand higher wages as a show of support for the German military.

The anti-war faction within the Social Democratic Party soon gained more and more support as the war continued. Reports of casualties among the German military were cited as one of the main reasons for this change in heart. The German industry workers also faced worsening work environments. They were asked to work in difficult conditions, often doing 12 hour shifts without any form of compensation or adequate provisions. The increasing dissatisfaction among the workers regarding their working conditions eventually led to a strike. Nearly three hundred thousand workers at the German Armament factories stopped working putting a dent in war production. The civilian population also suffered several hardships in terms of unemployment. The one time image of an easy victory that brought the population together soon fell apart and brought up old divisions all over again. The Social Democratic Party seeing the increasing discord among the population called for a re-election. When asked for reasons they cited that the Generals in the German Military had an agenda to continuously expand the land held by German forces as well as continue to go on the offensive. This was all being done on the broken backs of the civilian population.

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