Thesis: Social Inequalities

Sample Thesis Paper


In this paper, an analysis of the ideas presented by the fathers of Sociology is presented. In the following paragraphs an analysis is made of the ideas of Marx, Weber and Durkheim. This brief introductory analysis is then followed by an extensive comparison between the three. The paper seeks to identify whether or not Karl Marx provides theories more adequate than those presented by Weber and Durkheim.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx presented theories to the world that focused primarily on human nature. To Marx, any description of human nature was incomplete without a discussion on the tendency of human nature to transform with time and events. In this continuous process of change, Marx chose to identify social classes on the basis of two primary factors. The first factor was the means of production that were available for the society to bring into use. These means of productions incorporated all natural and technological resources available. The second factor was the evolution of the social framework of the society that occurred as the people of the society interacted with each other in the process of the utilization of the means of production. It is for the same reason that Marx identified history not as a time span that should be divided in terms of events, but in terms of the individual modes of production that were brought into use by society over the ages.

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