Thesis: Social Institutions

Sample Thesis Paper

Most social institutions believe that individuals with different gender orientations or sexual preferences should be afforded the same rights as anyone else. Towards that goal social institutions work towards the elimination of prejudice and discrimination against this portion of the population. Not only do social institutions address this issue in schools and professional environments.

They also believe that their social work organizations and associations should not be defined by any gender and their license examinations should include questionnaires specifically targeting lesbian, gay or bisexual concerns. Social institutions also aid by providing legislative services to pass laws which disallow discrimination against these individuals in all facets of living. They also encourage laws which adopt allowances for gay, lesbians or bisexuals to get married, adopt children and buy property or any other rights afforded to heterosexual individuals. Additional aid to these individuals may come in the form of public service announcements or events to help increase publicity for the problems being faced by this section of the population (Slogan, 1999).

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