Thesis: Social Psychology Perspective on Domestic Violence

Sample Thesis Paper

Another social psychology perspective with regard to domestic violence is one that chooses to take on a macro perspective of the issue (Straus, Gelles, & Smith, 1995). According to this perspective, the perpetrator and the victim are not limited to any gender and may very well be part of a larger social setting. According to this perspective, the act of domestic violence comes forth as an integrated combination of the byproducts of societal factors such as discrimination, unemployment, racism and the like. It is because of the societal perspective of this approach that special consideration is given to cases of domestic violence in minorities and women.
The reason because of which victims of domestic crime choose to remain in relation with the perpetrator remain ambiguous but the general understanding allows us to comprehend that it is either out of the fear of facing public disgrace or fear of being murdered (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2009). In any event, the subjection of domestic violence is not limited to any class in society and although it is complicated to develop precise figures on incidences of domestic violence since most incidents are not reported, it can be expected that domestic violence can exist in social classes in society and it is for the same reason that establishments such as hospitals, schools and associates such as colleagues and neighbors should attempt to develop a precautionary approach for the detection of potential domestic violence incidents around them (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2009). The fundamental purpose in this precautionary approach is not simply to acquire control on domestic violence perpetrators but to carry out early intervention.

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