Thesis: Social Unrest Phase in French Revolution

Sample Thesis Paper

It is perhaps during the social unrest phase that the social movement gains its highest level of momentum as the leaders of the movement begin to find the cause that they desired to raise their voices and breach the silence that was prevailing across the scenario in the earlier stages of the revolution. The leaders of the revolution also find the social unrest movement as the ideal time to instill a sense of pride and a sense of self esteem in the members of the movement for their association with the social movement.

In the social unrest movement, the leaders of the movement and the appointed spokesmen of the movement continue the practice of giving statements that are meant to provoke a change of heart in the opposition and/r the members of the opposition wherever and whenever possible. However, as very appropriately mentioned in Persuasion and Social Movements, it is precisely during the social unrest phase that the parties that are in opposition to the causes of the social movement choose to either completely deny the existence of the social movement or attribute the incidents that can otherwise be attributed to an increase in the momentum of the movement, to incidents that were nothing more than a series of events that happened out of pure coincidence are were of highly temporary nature. It is common for the opposition of the social movement to express its opinion of the social movement in this regard even if it is feeling the full brunt of the movement.

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