Thesis: Social Work Practice

Sample Thesis Paper

Social work practice is essentially the use and applications of various social work values principles and techniques in order to aid individuals, families or groups. Special populations refer to those individuals who encompass the elderly, the disabled and any ethnic or racial minority. Thus, Social work practice is the use of resources within social workers or social institutions and using those resources to aid these people. It is through these measures that the importance of each special population and their needs are realized. In many ways social work practice is essential to providing special populations with basic amenities and resources they require regardless of their difficulties (Harper & Lantz, 1996).

When consider how social work practice is attributed to women this of course refers to the number of ways in which aid may be provided. Not only does social work offer employment for women, thus, making their gender a major number of social workers today. Social aid also serves to empower them. When we say social work empowers women, this may refer to women who are affected by varied social factors. Whether the situation is one of substance abuse, spousal abuse or unemployment, social work offers programs which can help these women both physically and physiologically. Towards the goal of helping them, social institutions can not only offer centers where they can stay and receive treatment. They can also provide opportunities in the form of employment within or outside their organization (Milner, 2001).

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