Thesis: Societal Stigmas against Obesity

Sample Thesis Paper

Due to their own personal perceptions however, different groups will always come up with different solutions to the obesity problem. Groups such as Overeaters Anonymous will always believe that group therapy is the more prudent course of action. While those offering drug therapies will always believe that genetics is the main cause of the problem. The true issue here is that the main cause behind obesity whether it is societal, genetic or merely psychological has simply not been found.

There is also the issue of personal bias which must be taken into consideration, both in the case of the individual who is obese and society as a whole. The assumptions held by obese people, can be related to either having insufficient will power to find solutions to their weight problem or that they are simply victims of poor genetics.  While societal stigmas against obesity can range from assumptions that obese people have no self control to those that consider obesity a lifestyle choice for these people. No matter what the perception may be, there is no doubt of the harm such assumptions can cause to the self esteem of the millions of people suffering from obesity.

It must be taken into consideration that the attitudes of society towards obesity will not change for several years nor will this issue find its solution anytime soon. However, the solution of educating children and managing obesity health issues in adults can undoubtedly be seen to be the best long term answer to the problem at hand. Although, the persistent culture of society today is geared towards the manufacture of fast cures and immediate results. The long term benefits and problems which are associated with using drugs or government intervention as a solution will always have further reaching consequences than we can imagine. With our societal bias regarding this condition growing at an astronomical rate due to various media and the ever increasing population suffering from this condition it is inevitable that this epidemic will not stop anytime soon. It is therefore up to us to create the opportunities which will shape a better future for these people.

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