Thesis: How Society can Prevent Cyberterrorism

Sample Thesis Paper

  1. The second and much worse impact of cyberterrorism are the losses created by hackers in obtaining sensitive information which are more or less equal to the following:
    1. Intellectual property
    2. Trade secrets
    3. Fraud
    4. Productivity losses

Another underlying issue is how the society can prevent cyberterrorism from commencing in the first place? The authors have emphasized the role of computer which is the main weapon of the cyberterrorist. Apparently, there are yet no definite laws and standards that will enable operators for large networks of internet-connected computers to exercise reasonable care so that people and properties will not be harmed by cyberterrorists. The 9/11 attack of the World Trade Center is an example for the urgency of coming up with at least a minimum standard of security for computer networks so that companies and industries will be guided properly in their operations and prevent cyberterrorists from penetrating their databases (Gordon & Ford, 2003, pp. 9-10). When a cyberterrorist attacking a certain country is a foreigner, the absence of proper legal jurisdiction prevents victims to charge legal actions against the perpetrator. A “techno-legal” solution is therefore much applicable in this case (Dalal, 2006). The strength of this article lies on the fact that it has shed light on the potential of civilians in taking an active part in anti-terrorism campaigns, albeit the authors have only presented a bird’s eye view as to the feature of the standard.

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