Thesis: Sociology and Social Facts

Sample Thesis Paper

In this essay Emile Durkheim begins by providing a basic comparison between science and sociology. He says that science thrives on progress and providing solutions to its problems. It advances with new discoveries and new laws, changing itself, while not providing finality to its answer. By comparison sociology is far too generalized. It speaks of problems which do not have comprehensible answers and only provides a myriad of answers to questions without truly answering them. It merely provides a picture which cannot be proven by research or documentation.

He says that even though such a state of affairs is evident. It does not mean that sociologists should simply give up and allow science to discredit sociology. Rather they should take new approaches to accomplish their goals. They must form definitions which provide specificity to the previous generalizations and adhere to them. Even if the findings go beyond the subject matter being explored, it will only serve to help future investigations. And if such investigations reveal concrete answers to previous questions, then it is not restricted to the authors understanding of the subject.

Further on the author takes an example of suicide in order to provide a methodology for individuals to implement into their sociological explorations. He finds that through these studies true laws governing suicide can be found which hold more objectivity than any argument. Finding such a methodology also allows for its transference to other aspects such as marriage, widowhood, religious society, etc.

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