Thesis: Software Piracy Issues Around the World

Sample Thesis Paper

Yar chooses to make his statements stick by using facts and figures to warrant their legitimacy. For instance, Yar seems to lay a great amount of stress upon the financial losses that are caused to copyright owners because of piracy around the world. This trend seems to be quite prevalent in his writing and we also see him perceive the very core of the concern that he attempts to raise to be the financial loss caused by piracy and copyright violation.

However, Yar does an excellent job of highlighting how piracy began to gain ground in the days of the origin of the VHS videocassette and how it accelerated almost immeasurably with the advent of the internet and file sharing internet based communities (Keen 2007). Yar is of the opinion that if piracy was causing damage to the film industry and its personnel before, then the internet was the most fatal blow of all. The internet has truly contributed the most to piracy (Bocij 2006). Yar explains how the advent of the combination of broad-band internet and file sharing websites has contributed exponentially to piracy around the world and concludes with a brief recap of sociological contributors to the increase in piracy and while Yar does not present his readers with a solution, he still manages to do an excellent job of elaborating upon the causes that have led to the increase in piracy and the varying perceptions through which the cause for this increase can be scrutinized.

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