Thesis: One Solution; Different Viewpoints

Sample Thesis Paper

Ethnicities, cultural implications, moral values, as well as surroundings cause variations in viewpoints of a person on an issue. Thought processing and ideologies are different in different cultures that can influence ways in which people interpret many situations and issues. Societies are based on ideologies that shape up ideologies in individuals. These ideologies on an individual as well as social basis shape up different viewpoints that individuals have.In this paper, we have seen that obesity is an obvious issue, a health issue prioritized not only in US but in many countries. But this issue has been given two different dimensions. CDC reports and researches highlight numbers that show that obesity is rather a disease. On the other hand, researches already presented have been criticized by another groups of people saying that these researches are not credible. Thus, one solution here is to present researches that are evidence based.

According to one study, nearly 83% Americans acknowledge that they can cut their risk of cancer by adopting a healthier lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, however, the number of people who are actually willing to make that change or who succeed with adopting this change is far lower.  A telling fact in this regard is the amount that we continue to spend on invasive surgical procedures, such as liposuction and gastric banding, etcetera. 

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