Thesis: Solutions to control health care demand

Sample Thesis Paper

Even though many consumers cannot afford health insurance, two solutions have been studied to control health care demand. One is when the government steps in to change health care providers without involving the consumer. The government could put all hospitals on a budget to keep unnecessary buying down. The other solution is patient power which the consumers are to have a medical savings to use just on medical expenses. For the health care market to be efficient benefits and cost must be balanced.

Studies have been conducted over the course of the past several decades, focusing on substantial increases in health care costs in direct correlation to particular medical procedures and fields. Among these procedures and fields are child birth, radiation therapy, coronary bypass surgery, nuclear medicine and cancer treatments. For example, the innovation of cesarean sections used during problematic child deliveries has increased healthcare costs. The various medical personnel must all be compensated for their time and labor: the! anesthesiologists, the surgeon, the nurses, etc.

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