Thesis: Solutions to the Problem of Obesity

Sample Thesis Paper

In my opinion the preferred solution to the problem of obesity is parental intervention. The existence of fast food companies and other such companies which market their products have existed for years before this epidemic and due to their success will exist for years to come. My solution to the obesity problem is to manage obesity in adults, while taking preventative measures against obesity in children. The first step to accomplishing this task is to work at a community level, starting programs which can not only educate children, but also the parents. Studies have shown that the incidence of obesity has increased with cultural shifts that have enabled women to work outside the home.

Parental supervision is the first step in these plans, which necessitates that not only should these children receive education regarding the importance of good nutrition at home, but that there is also an insistence on proper diet and exercise on the part of the parents. Society must realize that the future modeling of the eating habits of these children begins at home and that a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet is essential to their proper growth and development. In order to accomplish this it is essential that these children are kept away from habitual eating at fast food restaurants and especially the habitual drinking of soda, which has become extremely pervasive in today’s society. It is far more important rather, that they return to the practice of having home cooked meals, with involved parents who will encourage their child by exercising with them (Swann).

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