Thesis: Solving Problems of Workers in Venezuela

Fetraelec acknowledges that through the participation of workers they will be able to solve most of the problems that affect the workers of Venezuela.

The first leadership for Fetraelec was brought to office in 1998 and it campaigned against privatization of companies in the country. The union emphasized on the importance of workers control as it fought against privatization (Fuentes, 2010).

In Venezuela through participation of workers in the running of state owned organizations, it is possible to harmonize the operations of different entities. Prices of products are equal as well as the pay that workers in the same positions receive. Harmonization of the prices of products ensures that each organization has an equal opportunity of finding market for their products. This means that the employees will not feel cheated by their employer because they will be receiving the same remunerations as the other employees although they may not be working in the same organizations.

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