Thesis: Source Code Created by Accolade Engineers

Sample Thesis Paper

However, if we consider by the same Lockean system from the Accolade perspective, we find that technically Accolade did not steal the original source code for the Genesis interface. Instead they hired and paid engineers to reverse engineer the technology that would make such an interface possible. Although the function of the program that these engineers created is the same, the source code created by Accolade engineers is different from the original. Since Accolade hired and paid engineers and invested time and money in the creation of this source code. And since this source code is technically different from the original Source Code made by Sega. Then it stands to reason that the true holder of property rights for this new source code is Accolade, while the legal proprietor of the original source code is Sega.

When we consider the utilitarian perspective we must first acknowledge that Sega had the copyright of this intellectual property. They expended resources in its creation and were acknowledged as the right owners of this source code. When Accolade reverse engineered the code they violated these copyright laws. They used Sega’s creation without their express permission. According to this perspective the use of copyright laws are vital to safeguard the incentives people receive for their creations. It facilitated an environment where Sega could profit from its creation without fear that this technology would be used without their consent.

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