Thesis: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

Sample Thesis Paper

The Soviet Invasion of 1979 was one that shook the world and has shown its affects across the decades that came after it. This nine year long had its channels of support rooted deep down into the Col War. Hence, we can deduce that the following paragraphs will not simple be elaborating upon the Soviet Invasion of 1979, but will be presenting details of a war that was nothing less than a sequel to the Cold War.

The Soviet Invasion was also termed as Soviet Afghan war because the two characters on the forefront of the Soviet Union supporting the Marxist’s Peoples Democratic Party of Afghanistan, and the opposing forces of the Afghan Mujahedeen. The two fought for almost a decade with the eventual withdrawal of Soviet Forces from Afghan territory bringing the war to an end.

However, these were only characters in the forefront of the war. Characters behind the curtain included the American CIA, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nation. This setup led to a war so brutal that it is often termed as the Vietnam War in the case of the Soviet Union. Weapons trade deals and covert training from silent allies were heavily observed during the period of the cold war.

It is important to note at this point that the original conflict was between the Mujahedeen of the Jamiat Islami party and the Afghan government. The Afghan government was under the threat of being overrun by the Jamiat Islami party and it therefore requested assistance from the Soviet Union. In the mean while, the commanders of the Jamiat Islami party used the war principle, my enemy’s enemy is my friend, to acquire allies to fuel its offence.

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