Thesis: Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Sample Thesis Paper

The official signs of Soviet withdrawal were witnessed around mid 1987 and Soviet forces took on a defensive role in the battle field. Soviet forces chose to withdraw their troops in two halves. The first half withdrew late in 1988 and the second half followed early in 1989. Soviet forces had to abandon certain regions as a part of their withdrawal and a majority of these regions were left in the hands of the administration of Afghan President Kirmal.

One of the most notable parts of this withdrawal can be seen in the fact that the Geneva Accord was signed as a part of the mechanism of this withdrawal and primarily encompassed Afghanistan, Pakistan, the US and the Soviet Union. The Geneva Accord served to strengthen the Afghan government and allowed the Soviet Forces to make haste in the process of their withdrawal. A large number of weapons, munitions and military vehicles including tanks were left behind by the Soviet Forces, many of which were later brought into use by Afghan factions in the future and were also observed in action by the Afghan Northern Alliance and the Taliban later during the American Invasion.

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