Thesis: Special issues for women in prison

Sample Thesis Paper

A study performed in 2009 served to reveal that at any given time, there are a minimum of half a million women in prisons around the world and this number is increasing at a pace more rapid than that of the rate of increase in male prisoners. The study went on to reveal that out of this figure, the share of female prisoners in the US accounts for almost one third of the total female detainees across the world (Gibbons & Katzenbach, 2006). This paper shall attempt to present a discussion on the special issues for women in prison. In order to do so, the paper shall be making use of three principal articles and will draw a picture of the current scenario pertaining to the same.

The sheer number of women in the American prison system is not only alarming on account of its volume but also on account of the number of problems that the effective management of such a large number of female detainees creates. One of the leading problems in this regard is of healthcare.

“From 1980 to 1990 the number of Americans behind bars increased by almost 130%” (Safyer & Richmond, 1995).

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