Thesis: Sponsorship and Brand Recall

Sample Thesis Paper

Barros (2007) and Bennett (1999) have examined the brand recall of advertisers and sponsors during large and important sports events. Bennett (1999) mentions studies conducted by various researchers who published reports on brand recall. It was reported that Visa credit card that featured for Olympic sponsorship had 17% higher brand recall for a control group. Card usage was found to increase by 21% during promotion of major sponsorships. Unprompted awareness of an insurance company that sponsored a national cricket competition rose from 2% to 16% over two years.

For motor racing, three brands of cigarettes that sponsored the races had increase of an average of 53%. However, Franzen (1994) reported studies where a quarter of respondents forgot the sponsor’s name and could not recall the advertisements after 30 minutes. Another 10% assigned the wrong names for advertisers and brands. Barros (2005) conducted a survey of 1000 respondents who watched the Euro 2004 Soccer tournament in Portugal. The tournament is very famous and avidly watched across the globe and there were several groups of sponsors. Some of the major brands were Pepsi, McDonalds, etc. Respondents were asked to make brand associations from the tournament. Most of the respondents could recall popular and global brands such as MasterCard, Adidas, Canon, Coca-Cola, etc. The researchers found that brand association depended on the skilful and artistic use of media communication methods. Artistically shot photographs on billboards for Canon had more brand recall than other brands. Merely placing posters and logos in the stadium and premises did not seem to do much good, as the image transfer did not take place effectively.

The gap in this literature is actually a tip on how sponsors such as STC should use the opportunity of sponsorship. The author concludes that sponsorship and brand recall is not merely about spending money but using it wisely and effectively without appearing too pushy and aggressive.

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