Thesis: Stages

  1. Moderate stage- At this point, the patient’s independence is almost completely hindered. Most of the normal daily activities cannot be carried out by persons with Alzheimer’s. Speech troubles become more apparent as it reduced to incorrect word substitution. Skills in writing and reading are also completely diminished. Furthermore, lack of coordination in complex motor skills is quite evident. Apart from that, the memory loss is quite troublesome as it can affect one to the extent that they are not able to identify very close relatives (Wenk, 2003). It is at this point that the patient should be taken to long-term care facilities for specialized and more patient care.

Advanced stage- Total dependence to caregivers is what characterizes this stage. The patient cannot do anything for him/herself. Simple phrases and single words is what are left of their language. Ultimately, there’s complete loss of speech. The only good thing is that most of them can still understand when talked to and can respond with emotional body signs. Lethargy is also very common. Every little thing, including feeding and going to the bathroom requires the assistance of trained caregivers (Förstl and Kurz, 1999) . They usually end up bed-ridden as complex motor skills e.g. mobility, deteriorate to irreversible levels. Although Alzheimer’s is a terminal disease and has no cure, death is usually due to an external factor and not the disease itself.

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