Thesis: Standards of Beauty

Sample Thesis Paper

The relationship between media literacy and the responsible consumption of popular culture is perhaps more significant than it is generally given credit to be. The fact of the matter is that the degree of media literacy that a person has serves to dictate the responsibility with which a person consumes popular culture to which the person is exposed. In this regard, a society in which people hold relatively low levels of media literacy is highly vulnerable to media based suggestions and the culture that the media develops for them. In this regard, this paper shall argue for the stance that the standards of beauty that the television depicts are of such a nature that they have adverse implications on the viewers.
Reality television shows such as America’s Top Model and The Hills can be considered to be examples of this phenomenon where viewers are exposed to a popular culture in a form so unyielding that they begin to consider the show to be a depiction of the world around them and begin to strive to become a part of that popular culture.
In this regard, we can concur that the role of individual responsibility and accountability in responding to popular culture holds significant importance and an ethical approach to the consumption of popular culture that can be expected to deter any potential consequences is one that rests on the foundations of perceptions found through media literacy and awareness (Culkin, 2007). The viewers have to realize that in order to protect themselves from the negative consequences of the popular culture that the media portrays they have to develop an insightful sense of media literacy.

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