Thesis: State of Consumerism in Today’s Economy

Sample Thesis Paper

The idea I would pitch to my editor would be one regarding the current state of consumerism in the United States. One year after the federal government has prevented a total financial meltdown of Wall Street with its stimulus package; it would be interesting to know not only how consumers see the economy and whether they still perceive consumerism as a viable way of life. The news value behind this story could be variable in term so of the writer who presents it, however, with continuing interest in the economy and the financial situation of the United States, it would interest people to know the street perspective on this issue. Essentially what this means is, people would receive an idea of whether the average American is still spending or saving in this economy.

The story itself would be limited to five hundred words to ensure that the public interest is maintained and photographs could be given of the financial district with a picture showing a view of the Wall Street marker juxtaposed with the American flag in the background. A second picture could be added which shows Market Street in San Francisco during consumer hours. The methodology of reporting the story would be generalized. The story would give minor details regarding the history of the economic meltdown and what was done to stave it off. This would be followed by interviews which may be taken at street level from consumers during a busy shopping day or perhaps even individuals at a local Wal-Mart asking them how they are spending their hard earned cash. Surveys and questionnaires from individuals in the same locations may also be taken; along with comparison survey taken 5 years ago to provide a perspective on how consumerism has changed. This may also lead to on site reporting opportunities for the story which could take place in the same locations described within the news story. Additionally, other interviews may also be taken perhaps from department store heads of Macy’s or Filene’s or even from local congressman regarding their views on the crisis this may or may not represent.

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