Thesis: Status of Women in Rome

Sample Thesis Paper

Subsequently their status in Rome changed throughout the period of Roman history. In the beginning, during the expansion of the Roman Empire, much of the aristocracies from the upper levels of Roman history were the only women who were educated and given positions of power. Poorer women on the other hand enjoyed much greater freedoms than their aristocratic counterparts. Unlike the noble women of Rome the poor were free of many of their social restrictions prohibitions. Women at the time were subject to the control of the men in their lives (Shelton).

Wealthy women were confined to their homes never knowing about the outside world. They would be married usually at the age of 12 sometimes less due to the decreased life expectancy at the time. They would be married without their consent and simply partake in the duties of the daughter, the mother and the wife (Treggiari). They had a duty to ensure that the son knew about his culture and guide him when he grew up into the political spectrum. The daughters were taught primarily to create a new generation of wives who would carry on these duties. Women from the lower classes however could choose to marry and was free of the social judgments of society. However they faced many hardships such as illiteracy and poverty. However all women were equal in being given the title and duty of the child bearer. They were required by custom to have as many children as possible to feed the requirements of the roman army. The men at the time also had the right to reject the newborns if they so wished. Dying in the process of childbirth was common among the women of the time (Lefkowitz and Fant).

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