Thesis: Strategic Leadership

Sample Thesis Paper

Leadership in an engineering company such as the one in question requires that the leaders are ones who are not only proficient in managerial functions but also hold a considerable degree of grasp on issues pertaining to engineering. This is because of the fact that in the event that the leaders and top level managers are ones who do not have any grasp over issues pertaining to engineering shall find them in a position where they will be unable to understand and acquire comprehension of issues raised by the personnel in the organization (Adair 2007, p. 64). The leadership in this case shall have to keep in mind the fact that there is a strong need to develop a working knowledge of the implications of faulty communication and mis-communicated leadership messages.

The leadership shall have to be proficient in leadership theories as well as in their applications. It is highly recommended that the leadership in the case of this expansion is acquired and established by making use of personnel that have spent a considerable amount of time in the company and are not only fully aware of the company’s manner of working but are also literate with engineering issues and matters. Conflict resolution shall play a highly imperative role since the leadership shall have to take on the responsibility of developing a clear and concrete set of goals for the personnel for whom they are responsible. Considering the fact that the expansion shall call for functioning in an environment that comes as new to the organization’s personnel, conflict resolution shall play a highly important role and shall require that the leadership holds a high degree of emotional intelligence. A combination of these elements shall allow the leadership to develop a high standard of business ethics as well (Adair 2007, p. 65). It is highly imperative to highlight at this point that the leadership in this case will not have the comfort of evolving into place since the expansion is one that shall require an almost immediate functioning in order to be successful. In this regard it is imperative that the leadership put into place is one that is experienced in the development of personnel and performance in the early stages of the organization.

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