Thesis: Strategic and Operational Management

Sample Thesis Paper

Certain areas of modern management are of utmost importance and organizations have to manage them in an appropriate manner. These key aspects of management are known as strategic, operational and tactical management.

Strategic Management

An organizations short term and long term objectiveness are quite important for its existence and growth. Strategic management is basically the art of implementing and formulating cross functional decisions for the organization. These cross functional decisions include mission, vision, situational analysis, objectives, plans and policies etc (David 2008). Various activities of the organizations are merged in this function and in a typical organization a Chief executive officer is responsible for framing the strategies of the organization. The results of all the activities are collected and then they are analyzed in the strategic management process. Value chain, supply chain, financial ratios are all analyzed on the basis of strategic management tools. Business Balance Score Card, BCG Matrix, IE Matrix and etc. are all considered as strategic management tools (David 2008).

Operational Management

It is an area of management which is related with the production of goods and services and it ensures that stakeholders are managed properly in the entire business process. This structure is quite vital in management and it actually initiated in the phase of scientific management. Main aspects that are covered in this aspect are supply chains, quality, value chains and etc. (Jacobs, Chase, & Aquilano 2008). The core purpose of these activities is to ensure that stakeholders are managed in an effective and an efficient way.

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