Thesis: Strategies used by Colgate

Sample Thesis Paper

Following are the strategies used by Colgate

  • Market dominance
  • Porter generic strategies
  • Product differentiation

Market dominance

Without a doubt it can be said that Colgate is the market leader and the king in the oral care industry. The reason for this is because they are catering the needs of all the segments of the market. Their long and extended product line helps them to cater with the needs of all the segments. Apart from that massive advertising campaign is also used to continuously develop the awareness in the target market and especially in the children segment.

Porter generic strategies

Colgate achieves its competitive advantage through its product differentiation and market segmentation strategies. As mentioned above Colgate has an extended product line which helps them to take care of all the target markets that they have segmented as their potential customers.

Product differentiation

Colgate has adapted the product differentiation strategy to good effect and evidence of it could be observed from the fact that if anyone asks about red colour toothpaste the first thing that would come into the mind of a layman is Colgate. This is the impact of product differentiation this results in differentiating your product from competitors’ product and also by offering something extra to the customer. For instance Colgate has launched Colgate herbal which is dedicated for a certain class of people. The basic reason for developing a product differentiation strategy is to provide a unique thing to the potential customer which he can remember and can easily differentiate it with other offering.

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