Thesis: Strategies Developed by Johnson Arabia during Recession

Sample Thesis Paper

While this study was not one that was designed to be extensively exhaustive, it is one that attempted to be as thorough as possible in its research in order to ensure credibility of its findings. In its attempts to do so, the research covered numerous areas and topics that were although covered, were deemed to ones that merited an extensive research. Carrying out an in-depth research in these areas would have caused the research to deviate from its actual objectives. It was therefore considered appropriate to present such instances as suggestions for further research in the future. Research in these areas can be connected to this study or can be carried out as an extension of it.

One of the areas where a need for further research was required was the implications of the recession on rudimentary change management techniques. This recommendation for research is being made in light of the fact that a lack of practical implementation was observed in the case of the strategies that Johnson Arabia developed in the face of the recession. This may have come about as a result of ineffective change management. However, considering the expertise that Johnson Arabia brings in the field, it becomes evident that it is the recession that made it difficult to carry out the implementation of the measures that were established to counter the recession. This study therefore suggests a research into change management principles in light of the need for realignment of the measures towards the circumstantial scenario that takes place in times of a recession and hence recommends the need for change management principles to be applied in the same regard.

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