Thesis: Use of different Strategies to market Tourist Destination

Sample Thesis Paper

Strategy in marketing Tourist destination is important because it calibrates governing body and companies related to tourism for e.g. hotels and airlines to work together providing better facilities aiming to attract more visitors at the place. The meaning of Strategy is ‘the planning of a desirable future and the design and testing of suitable ways of bringing it about’ (Tribe, 2010, p.3). It is a managing and overarching plan of action for a company that helps to acquire the goals and avoid mission-drift. Tribe (2010) argues that strategic approach is essential in order to develop the country’s tourism product. Strategy is as powerful as magnet functioning different elements to achieve one mission. Marketing, functioning of human resource, operation of various sectors like hotels, parks and airlines, Customer service, sales increment, Finance, Research and development of the destination, all function together for better performance of tourism in that particular area.

Tribes (2010) articulate, in tourist destination, developments of Tourism infrastructures (for e.g. various means transportation, adequate level of accommodation) are must. Cooper (2008) comprehends Attractions, Accommodations, Intermediaries, Transportation, Marketing planning and Information technologies as an essential element of the destination. Attractions and accommodations are the integral part of the tourist destination. Availability of adequate transport facilities and sufficient accommodation to host visitors at destination region providing them services to easy access helps attracting visitors all over the year.

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