Thesis: Strategies used by Retailers

Sample Thesis Paper

However, with the advent and the increasing adoption of internet supported marketing, retail marketing has gone through a phenomenal change in the last few decades. What was once known as retail marketing has now evolved to a level of sophistication where it is now exercised religiously by retailers. This paper shall attempt to elaborate upon the same and shall take examples from real world scenarios in order to do so.

The paper shall consider one real world retailer and shall elaborate upon the numerous strategies that the retailer is currently using and shall then proceed to give recommendations with regard to the retail marketing measures that the retailer can take to improve its retail marketing system. It should be noted at this point that the main focus of retail marketing with regard to the retailer chosen for the paper shall be retail marketing techniques that are in no way in-store but are based on a broader scale. However, before an analysis of the subject can be performed, it is highly essential to acquire an understanding of retail marketing and its fundamentals.

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