Thesis: Stress level consequences

Sample Thesis Paper

With the increasingly globalized and fast paced nature of today’s society the occurrence of stress has become a commonplace. When we define stress we see it as a mentally or emotionally distracting condition which is normally caused by outside pressures. Not only are these everyday stressful activities or stressors as they are called responsible for our emotional distress, they can also affect us physically and psychologically making it a significant risk factor for several diseases related to bodily function such as immunity and cardiovascularization.

Studies have shown that stressors can decrease the functional immunity in the human body leaving people more susceptible to chronic conditions (Herbert & Cohen, 1993). But it should be noted however that even though we consider stress a disease it is not. Stress is merely the body’s response to an external stimulus in which it strives to meets the hosts’ demands. This physiological state is known as allostatis. While allostatis is fine in the short term, if the condition persists for long it can cause a variety of clinical diseases (Bruce S.McEwen & Eliot Stellar, 1993). According to the researched rates of mental distress in the United States from 1993 to 2006 the citizens of Blue Grass, Kentucky are more susceptible to diseases such as diabetes, anxiety, depression, high unemployment rates and risky behaviors such as alcohol abuse and cigarette smoking due to the high levels of mental distress in the state (Mann, 2009). It is more important than ever to find ways of decreasing the stress levels in the population so that they can lead more productive and healthy lives. This topic will focus on the causes behind the constant stress levels experienced by people, what consequences can occur as a result of them and how we can alleviate their condition.

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