Thesis: Study of Value Chain Management

Sample Thesis Paper

The current research reports will carry an analysis of value chain management and how organizations are affected by effective value chain management. The methodology prescribed and implemented for this research has its limitations due to its subjectivity to certain issues which are necessary to be underlined in the following in order to define the scope of the current thesis and set out the basis for the results that this report will conclude upon.

One of the biggest limitations of this report is the generalized nature of the topic. That is why only secondary sources are used in the research and no primary source is used. The current research applies deductive research techniques using secondary sources to converge on the study of value chain management. Another limitation of this research is that the entire research is of relative nature and it varies from organization to organizations. Multinationals implementing value chain management in a proper manner and they are experiencing high-quality results can be treated as a generalized approach and this interpretation can be treated as a limitation of this research. The primary objective of this research is to study value chain management and the results are therefore subject to the understanding of the writer and any recommendations made through this report are subject to the understanding of the reader and this should be viewed in light of its limitations and subjectivity.

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