Thesis: Study of Rhetoric

Sample Thesis Paper

Rhetoric has been in practice for centuries and its relevance has only increased over time. It therefore comes as no surprise that the art has undergone considerable research. One specific area of rhetoric that has undergone considerable research is the relevance of human communication to the study of rhetoric. This paper shall highlight the importance that the study of human communication holds for rhetoric and shall attempt to elaborate how it is essential to study human communication before rhetoric can be effectively studied.

Aristotle states that effective persuasion is built on three pillars; and the third of these prerequisites is “to understand the emotions – that is, to name them and describe them, to know their causes and the way in which they are excited” (Aristotle 6). It is clear that it is important to be equipped with the knowledge of human communication in terms of symbolic interaction in order to adequately satisfy Aristotle’s perceived requirements for rhetoric. Hence, it can be derived that the study of human communication is a pre-requisite of sorts for the effective study of rhetoric. This relevance of human communication for the study of rhetoric was supported by Plato who saw a “need to place the intrapersonal communication pattern within the sphere of rhetoric” (Connors, Ede and Lunsford 18). Classical scholars also considered human interaction to be deeply associated with rhetoric (Brummett, Putnam and Crable).

“Rhetoric is the art, practice and study of [all] human communication” (Lunsford 8).

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