Thesis: Study on UK Banking Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

Relevant Analytical Frameworks

The analytical framework is the most important part of any research. This is because of the fact that the analytical framework plays a crucial role in ascertaining the direction of the research and the degree to which data is analyzed (Goddard and Melville 2004). It also considers the approaches through which the research shall analyze the collected data and the manner in which the analysis shall yield information (Kumar 2008).

The research shall follow an analytical framework that shall seek to bring together a quantitative and a qualitative perspective (Trochim 2006). Initially, the research will study the banking industry in the UK. This section will be essentially qualitative and somewhat exploratory. Once a thorough insight into the UK banking industry has been acquired, the research will move on to establish the perception that consumers have towards banks in the UK. This section will entail the quantitative part of the research where primary data will be collected via survey questionnaires/interviews and will be subsequently subjected to statistical tools in order to determine the exact nature customer satisfaction for banks in the UK (Taylor, Gautam and Ghoshal 2006).

2.4.1 Secondary Research PESTLE Analysis

The research shall incorporate an in-depth PESTLE analysis of the UK banking industry in order to acquire a thorough insight of the variables that influence it. The PESTLE analysis shall constitute an environmental, legal, technological, social, economic and political overview (Elearn Limited 2005). Each component shall be covered in detail with an elaboration of its development over the last few years and its current standing. The PESTLE analysis facilitates the study by providing an overview of the developments that have taken place in society that are relevant to the subject of the study and that have an influence on it (Fullen and Podmoroff 2006). The factors discussed in the PESTLE analysis help to determine the validity of the core cultural values of the subject of the study. The PESTLE analysis will allow the study to develop a clear understanding of the external environment that exists for banks in the UK. The central purpose of the PESTLE is to establish the approaches that banks in the UK have the capacity of adopting and those that they cannot adopt on account of pressure from external variables.

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