Thesis: Subcontinent at the Time of Mughals

Sample Thesis Paper

The first to venture towards the subcontinent, the Portuguese explorer Vasco De Gama, came in search of spices. The subcontinent at the time of the Mughals was the richest source of spices and agricultural produce. The roaring agricultural industry lured in the Europeans whose only lucrative source of trading was cloth, and that too was a source of concern once the Indian fabric made theirs’ pale in comparison.

The Mughals were patrons of the arts and sciences, their major contributions to the subcontinent being individualistic architecture, literature, imperialistic governments, trading contracts with neighboring countries, cuisine, and most importantly, cottage industries. ‘In the last half of the seventeenth century, European gunners, who were often deserters from the East India Company ships and garrisons, had a virtual monopoly on gunner’s positions.’ (Richards J. F., 1995)  These encounters cannot be labeled as a clash of civilizations. The racist and aristocratic mentality had been imprinted into the British mindset as a result of their monarchical governmental structure.

A few of them were already trafficked to serve the Europeans in their country. Those slaves were treated miserably, paid minimally and outcast from society. In many ways than one, both civilizations and kingdoms operated on the same level. The Europeans primarily attacked their economy.  They rerouted the money from the hands of local Indian landowners and directed it to the East India Company officials and their investments which hastened the destruction of productive local industries, and confiscated the land of many peasants, killing a third of the population in areas that were under British control.

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