Thesis: Success Factors of Korean Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Sample Thesis Paper

1.2 Objective

In light of the background presented above, this dissertation shall attempt to carry out an analysis of Samsung Mobile and LG Electronics in order to evaluate the reasons because of which Samsung Mobile and LG electronics have managed to acquire dominating positions in the Korean mobile phone industry and the global mobile phone industry. In order to do so, the research shall make use of the resource based view to acquire a working knowledge of the competitiveness of Samsung Mobile and LG Electronics in the context of the global mobile phone industry.

1.3 Project Aim

The project aims to identify the key success factors of Korean mobile phone manufacturers that have led them to acquire a significant position in the world market.

1.4 Research Questions

  • What are the key success factors for Samsung and LG in the Korean mobile industry?
  • What are the attributes that allowed Korean mobile manufacturers to derive a long-term competitive advantage from short-term developments?
  • What are the key success factors for Samsung and LG that have allowed them to acquire a strong position in the global mobile industry?

1.5 Disclaimer

This research was conducted after the consent and permission of the supervisor had been acquired. The research was conducted while exercising adherence to copyright laws and plagiarism regulations. A significant degree of concern was given to the limitations of the research in order to ensure authenticity. The primary research conducted for the purpose of this study involved the implementation of the survey questionnaire and the respondents were only asked to volunteer for the study once they had been informed about the objectives and purpose of the study. The respondents were given complete liberty to have their answers withdrawn from the study if they wished to do so and were assured that their responses would be brought into use for the singular purpose of this study. It is imperative to note that this research does not attempt to carry out an exhaustive study of the subject of the research. It is therefore recommended that the findings of this research are not taken as the last word on the subject when considering them for the establishment of a financial decision. The report cannot be distributed in any form to any third party without the consent of the researcher and the instructor.

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