Thesis: Success of an IT Project

Sample Thesis Paper

Implementation of Information Technology in the operational framework of the organization is undeniably essential in order to ensure that the organization measures up to modern day technological trends and operational platforms let alone succeed. The need for a strong information technology framework in organizations is extremely essential.

In order for an IT project to be successful, it is necessary that evaluating procedures are exercised frequently at all points of the evolution process of the project (IBM 2001). Implementation of evaluation procedures without cost management analysis at subsequent stages would leave the evaluation only partially completed. An analysis of cost is essential at every stage of the evolution of the project. The use of Application Service Providers can be augmented into the frame work to reduce costs while causing an increase in the efficiency of the project (Mockler 2005).

The implementation of these elements, the organization will be able to carry out operations such as data gathering, quality analysis, integration and aggregation with efficiency and effectiveness (Thrasher 2007).

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