Thesis: Successful Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

Outsourcing may seem to be an extremely advantageous course of action in light of the current economic recession that is prevailing globally (Sparrow 2003), but if the appropriate measures are not taken before the actual process of outsourcing is initiated; the consequences of the outsourcing may turn out to be not as favorable as they may have been expected.

In order for a firm to carry out successful outsourcing, it is essential that the company goals, objectives and visions are kept in clear sight when planning towards outsourcing (Cullen & Willcocks 2003). It is also just as imperative that the management throughout the firm is in unanimous agreement and has been convinced of the benefit that the outsourcing solution can bring to the firm. The contract has to be structured with meticulous attention being given to the short term and the long term financial justifications (Halvey & Melby 2005). These measures are generally taken well before program initiation ensues. Only once such concerns have been met does the outsourcing planning phase move towards the implementation of the service, the final agreement and the closure of the program (Sobh & Elleithy 2006).

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