Thesis: Suggested improvements for Coca Cola

Sample Thesis Paper

Although Coca Cola is a well known brand, but it even requires taking some measures regarding its branding strategies because of the huge competition present in the market. The major aspect of branding is to make the prospects believe that it’s only you who could provide them with solutions, instead of approaching a target market so that the customers choose you over the competitors.  In order to improve your image in front of the customer it is required to conduct researches so that the target market could be defined, and the expectations of the audience could be known. There are various types of branding methods and one should be aware of the consequences which could follow. After the allocation of the branding methods you chose to proceed with, it is required to revise and recreate in order to maintain the goals and objectives set, and by assuring it one can gain success.  More of leveraging opportunities could also be foresighted when proper research is conducted.

Furthermore, Coca Cola has faced severe criticism for its overuse of water and contamination of river water in countries like India and Chile which could hurt the brand image therefore it is suggested that the company work closely with the communities in which it operates and take sufficient measures to ensure that the environment is well protected. Also for brand image the company should also focus on the criticism which is affiliated with the Diet Coke that is use of some chemical which is in fact not suitable for people. The company should remove this ingredient and make its customer aware of the company’s move. This is especially of concerned with company’s operations in countries where customers lack means of getting information and the company can arrange open public seminars or make customer aware through in store or on street awareness programs.  Finally, to further promote the brand image the company should take into account the criticism related to obesity which is often based on excessive drinking of Cola by youngster. This could be a good point to defend the brand by making customers aware of the effects that excessive drinking may have on their lives…

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